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September 12, 2013

Sound Off published Sept. 12

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — To all the people who are against Obamacare, especially the ones that receive Medicare or Social Security. You are the biggest hypocrites in the country. Under Obamacare your prescription drugs will be cheaper, you will get free preventative care. Do you realize that Republicans were dead set against Social Security and Medicare when they were introduced? If they would have gotten their way back then there would be no Social Security or Medicare. 


Responding to another post that asked if NT residents are willing to continue to be steamrolled by a political party, the answer is yes. There is only one political party trying to win the jobs. Who are the Democratic candidates? I know the News listed their names but are they really candidates? When are they going to campaign? When are they going to get their platforms out to the public? Republicans are using the news to put a story out there. Democrats are just going to be names on the ballot.  It is two months before an election, isn’t it time we started to learn so we could form an intelligent opinion?


Congratulations to city attorney candidate Josh Dubs. He is pointing out the obvious. It appears that Mr. Nickerson is thin-skinned. Kind of reminds me of a local Republican state senator who attacks when questioned. This Republican administration has a penchant for photo ops and press releases on issues and accomplishments as a result of prior administrations.