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September 14, 2013

Sound Off published Sept. 14

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Gratwick Park needs some help in order to get more people interested in this area to get into this beautiful area. We need the weeds cut down. We need to renovate the park and repairing the ones that are there, add more benches, add a pavilion like Niawanda Park to rent out. Add a walking path to the new restaurant and a splash pad like Oppenheim Park. Put two emergency phone stations where someone can call for help. If you need help, Niagara BOCES could help.


My question: Why when getting your third DWI are you still allowed to hang in bars and drink like nothing ever happened? Why not give them ankle bracelets, seeing that probation can’t control these people. They are told they can’t go into bars and can’t drink and yet they still do. What makes you think they aren’t driving? Wake up, probation officers.


Who in the world had the idea to cut down the trees on Webster? Beyond the fact that they were incredibly old (which is a good thing, mind you), they aided in the general look of the otherwise somewhat bleak street. We have been making progress down there for years now, and I feel like this is a step backward rather than forward, unfortunately a step that cannot be fixed easily. Severely disappointed, NT.


I see the North Tonawanda Republican Party has pulled off another charade on the voters. By bastardizing the Working Family Party line by having a write in campaign for their un-endorsed candidates. They did this with the Conservative and Independence Party lines already over the years. They had friends and family members of Republicans register as Working Family Party members (in name only as they are true Republicans) to steal the line from the endorsed candidates. True harlots!