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September 15, 2013

Sound Off published Sept. 15

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I was quite surprised today when all the 9 or 10 orange Town of Tonawanda Recyling Bins were dumped into the regular garbage trucks from both sides of the street. I am a new resident of the Town of Tonawanda on the borderline of the Village of Kenmore. Last week I went to the Highway Dept. to get my bin and followed the directions given. Maybe I should just use the bin for storage in the basement if the recycling procedure is being nixed. The environment situation is so bad and I thought every little bit helps to do your part.


I agree 100 percent with the Sound Off by someone when they asked where is the Democratic party in NT. The leadership of the party is sorely lacking and the candidates have no spunk. The Republicans are courting the media and the Dems sit on their hands. The Republicans have the unique ability to convince weak kneed individuals like Alderman Clark and Alderman Rizzo to change parties or caucus with them. Its called patronage and jobs for their friends and family members on the taxpayer’s dime.


What a sickening article about alderman candidate Bob Clark giving piece of the Twin Towers to Mayor Ortt. Why do I say this? Not because of the gesture but because these two politicians would capitalize on such a tragedy to get a photo op and story to bolster their election campaigns. That is the type of people we want elected to office? No scruples? And the Tonawanda News carries this so called event?