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November 15, 2013

Sound Off published Nov. 15

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Tyler Kossow, representative for the City of Tonawanda Fourth Ward, can’t leave office fast enough. A lame duck councilman who doesn’t listen to his constituents. Hey Tyler, we elected Jenna Koch because she listens. She did her homework on Little League Drive. She knocked on my door and our block to listen to us. All you hear from him is he will vote yes. When his constituents don’t want it. I called Tyler three times, no return call. I called my councilwoman-elect and she answered right away. Too bad we can’t vote him out. Why do we have to wait for her to take office? He hasn’t done anything for two years. Finally we have a voice. 


It’s 5 p.m. Nov. 13. I counted six Dubs for City Attorney election signs still gracing our cityscape on my way home from work. That’s kind of ironic considering the pre-election Sound Off beefing. I’m not saying that it’s his fault, but it doesn’t speak well for many of his supporters. Please get rid of them.


Well Tonawanda, welcome to the new reality that you voted in. Council President Zeisz was in favor of the Little League Drive project. Then during the elections he is not heard from the entire time as this was the major Democratic campaign issue. Now that the election has come and gone, he doesn’t want to put it to a vote, but wants to wait until January so he can get more community input. The only input he is getting is from Chairman Boss Syposs. So Tonawanda it is only beginning, wait until January for a real eye-opener.