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October 9, 2013

Sound Off published Oct. 9

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I’d like to know what rock the person who criticized Mr. Davis for not having a plan is living under. I had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Davis for 10 minutes about his plan when he knocked on my door. He also handed me a pamphlet with his plan, I received a flier in my door with his plan, and his website also listed his plan. To date all I’ve seen from our mayor is a picture of him holding the phone from seven years ago and my house being revalued twice in the past eight years.


Finally, the NT Democrats have a great candidate running for alderman-at-large. Beverly Loxterman is a hardworking, dedicated and honest person who has a vision for North Tonawanda. Good luck, Bev!


Rick Davis cannot tell us what he is going to do as mayor of Tonawanda, because he currently works as a weather person, and whatever he tells us he will be 50 percent wrong!


Just a note about the violence in video games. I believe that there is too much violence in them but I also believe that it is a parents job to monitor what their children play. My kids are in their 20s now and they played the games I am sure the person is talking about. The difference is I taught my children what is right and wrong, I taught them tolerance of others, I taught them to be kind and to stand up to those who bully others. There is enough bitterness and hate in the world we live in and we cannot blame video games for that.