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October 10, 2013

Sound Off published Oct. 10


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Didn’t Chuck Gilbert run for the Assembly against Robin Schimminger in 2012 after he lost as a councilman in Tonawanda in 2011? So what is it he really wants to do? Is this just a stop along the way to his further ambitions and why should we believe he cares about the first ward?


I read in this morning’s Niagara Gazette an article in regards to the safe boating eight-hour safety mandate. As an avid boater, I was appalled at the article saying the new ruling is nonsense and unjustified. Operating a boat is like operating a car. Rules are meant for our safety. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people not following the navigational waterway rules. Either driving down the middle of the canal with a beer in their hand, not providing the right away to sail boats or boats with the right away, driving without their navigational lights, let alone knowing the laws for navigational lights. The stern and bow lights are supposed to be on when motoring and if not under propulsion just the stern light is to be on. It’s not right for people to just get in a boat and drive. That is how people get killed.

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