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May 17, 2013

LeMar brothers ready for NFL tourney

Tonawanda News — North Tonawanda's tennis sensations — John-Michael and Andrew LeMar — have a bit of a reputation around the Niagara Frontier League.

Both brothers have been dominant this season, going undefeated while alternating in the No. 1 and 2 singles slots to lead the Lumberjacks to the regular season NFL championship. Their consistent performance on the court and their humble approach off it has made them the crown jewels of the league.

"They're gentlemen on and off the court," said Grand Island coach Don Pray. "They represent the Niagara Frontier League very well when it comes to their level of play. It's just a pleasure to watch them play."

North Tonawanda coach John LeMar, also the brothers' father, said what is so amazing about the two is how different they are in both their games and personality. 

"It's really weird because their tennis games and sometimes their personalities are very opposite," John LeMar said. "(John-Michael) is more of a scrapper and he'll make a lot of balls; he plays real hard. Then Andrew has always had real good hand-eye coordination — and while he's a little smaller than John, he really hits the ball hard."

John-Michael is a senior and his game is built on patience and work ethic. He tries to beat his opponent mentally before the match even begins by focusing on what he must do to be effective. Andrew, a junior, is more of a grip-it-and-rip-it type player, but his accuracy and commitment to preparation are what helped make him the top singles player in the NFL.

"On the court they are two different types of players," Pray said. "John is very consistent, smart and has a good first serve. Andrew is able to move guys side to side and has strong placement of shots. He's able to hit the line — sideline, baselines consistently. He goes for it a little bit more than his older brother. When he sees a shot he'll be able to put the ball away."

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