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December 19, 2013

Tonawanda's Snyder brings positive energy to play

Haley Snyder's positive energyrubbing off on teammates


Tonawanda News — A moment plucked directly out of a movie, Bobby came out of the press box at Small Stadium, ran down the bleachers and onto the field as Haley leaped into his arms and said yes.

“It was probably the coolest moment of my life,” Snyder said. “Halftime, powder puff game. My cousin calls me onto the field (and Bobby asked) would you go to homecoming with me? I was shocked because Bobby is so quiet. He doesn’t even like to talk to people and he says that on the P.A.!”

But while that moment will always be tucked away in Snyder’s memory bank, she and her Lady Warrior teammates are focused on the task of a third straight division title and a deep run in sectionals. Snyder knows that this is also a crucial year for her growth as a player. With senior co-captains Alanna Herne and Kalyn Compeau in their final season Snyder knows more will be on her shoulders next season.

“This is my year to step it up,” Snyder said. “Alanna and Kalyn aren’t going to be here next year and Alanna is probably the biggest part of our team right now. She’s a leader, she’s a captain, she’s the point guard and I’m going to have to try and take her spot and I’m just hoping to do as great as she does.”

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