Tonawanda News


April 6, 2013

2013 Ken West baseball preview


Tonawanda News — Faso will join Justice Sheehan and Cody Sullivan as the core of the Blue Devils rotation, while speedy Noah Whalen (OF) will be a threat to swipe a bag every time he is on base.

Deiboldt said that the majority of the underclassmen were able to spend a lot of time together over the winter sharpening their skills during Monday workouts. But it was the senior leaders like Ryan, Faso and Becker who set the tone on day one of practice and got everyone focused for the season.

"They were ready to work. They got everyone focused. It was absolutely great," Deiboldt said. 

The Blue Devils have a balance in leadership between their savvy veterans and younger stars like Deiboldt and Stoerr.

"I love the fact that me and Tim are able to contribute more of a leadership (quality) to this team," Deiboldt said. "I also feel like anyone can come to anyone else for help in any position. We have Tim, Jeff, Tom — they're all in the infield and me and James we play in the outfield I feel like this year, because of that, we're more of a family. We're more of a team than last year. It's just different."

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