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April 16, 2014

N-T baseball hopes to steady the course

Tonawanda News — Consistency is key. Not only in baseball but everything in life. A set routine and a set message coming from the same voice year after year. 

The North Tonawanda baseball program has had anything but consistency in recent years as the team enters the new season on its sixth coach in seven years. Long time NT baseball guru John Chairmonte once again takes over as the Jacks varsity coach in hopes of giving the program some solid direction. 

Step one, enjoy the time on the diamond.

“Our goal is to learn, have fun and try to be successful,” Chairmonte said.

The Jacks return an effective one-two punch on the hill with senior Tommy O'Connor (also SS) and junior Taylor Mellott (also 1B), who hit .410 last season.

Connor Priester also returns as the third man in the rotation and one of the Jacks' key middle infielders.

When Mellott gets the start, O'Connor will be at shortstop with Priester at second base.

Priester will slide over to shortstop when O'Connor is pitching.

Nick Baron will anchor the outfield, getting the start in left on most nights.

Chairmonte didn't hesitate for a second when he said his team has some outstanding talent. But the reality of so many different coaches in such a short span of time is mentally taxing on all of the players because they constantly have to wonder and worry about reproving themselves and hearing a new voice. Which is why Chairmonte is trying to keep things as simple as possible so the kids do not put any undo pressure on themselves during the season.

“I'm just trying to get by it. I'm not really addressing it that much with the kids,” Chairmonte explained. “I'm just trying to do what's got to be done on the field. That's it. I'm trying real hard to stay away from all of that.”

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