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June 22, 2013

Victory MMA's TNT Fight Series continues


Tonawanda News — “It doesn’t change. It doesn’t matter who I’m going against it’s the same game plan: Beat them up,” he said. “It doesn’t really phase me, it’s just another guy.”

Lilly said he is more impressed with McGregor every time he watches him in the cage.

“His background is a grappler and came in with a strong wrestling base,” Lilly said. “He came here and learned how to submit and now he’s put it all together. The potential is unlimited for that kid. If he puts the time in he’ll make it to TV; he’ll make a name for himself. I’m confident in that.”

For Mazzeo, he said every time he gets into a fight he’s always tempted to keep things standing, but he knows he’ll eventually go to where he’s comfortable: the ground. Victory’s head trainer Erik Herbert said Mazzeo has been working extra hard on his submissions and will look for the 32-year-old to catch Lauth with something.

“I know (Lauth’s) dedicated and has some skills: he’s strong on his feet, long, straight and accurate,” Mazzeo said. “I think overall I’m a little more well-rounded than him and I think I’ll be able to implement my game plan on him – any fight is really mine to lose.

“I have good top control and I believe I have more horse power, but I can’t take him likely. He’ll be squeamish and tough to take down — very flexible and hard to submit, so I’m going to have to put it all together. I’ve seen four or five of his fights and I feel it’s a good matchup for me — but I expect to have the best, most evolved Corey Lauth that anybody has seen.”

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