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June 22, 2013

Victory MMA's TNT Fight Series continues


Tonawanda News — Two additional Victory fighters — Kenmore’s Sam Cappy (1-0) and Eric Valez (2-0) — are also scheduled to fight on the card. 

Cappy came to the gym with almost no experience in wrestling, boxing or kickboxing, but Herbert called the 20-year-old “a prodigy.”

“Sam had his first fight, he won it, and he is honestly two or three times better than he was even six months ago,” Herbert said. “I think Sam Cappy going to be something special. I can’t wait to watch him fight.”

Valez takes on a David Whitman, who has a size and reach advantage. But Valez, who is fresh off a Golden Gloves boxing championship, isn’t too worried about his size. He said he’s fought better boxers at the gym and thinks his speed advantage will be the difference.

“I think (Valez) is the hardest worker in the gym. He drives here from Medina and he’s here as soon as we open and he’s here until we close,” Neff said. “Just seeing where he was four months ago: a wrestler with no standup skills, now he’s boxing every day. He enjoys getting hit and hitting other people. I think he’ll show a lot of standup skills in there.”

All the local fighters have friends and family coming out to watch the fights, and Mazzeo said the added excitement of being in the main event and fighting for another title has made his training camp even more enjoyable.

“The one thing I love about being where I’m at and being successful, is that I love my teammates and coaches getting to see the fruits of their labors,” Mazzeo said. “I’m a part of a big team here, it’s not an individual sport, and when I win it’s for the team. It’s to build this program that believed in me when I was almost ready to throw in the towel. Here I am two years later at Victory and I haven’t lost and I got a belt, now looking to get another belt.”

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