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January 3, 2013

Tim and Colin Barnard share passion for wrestling


Tonawanda News —

But Larry never wrestled in high school or had any experience.

“When the boys became interested in (wrestling) I became a student of the sport,” he said. “I bought about 40 different DVDs and videos to teach myself.”

He taught himself the moves and then taught the boys. He even re-finished their garage and turned it into a wrestling room.

When the two were in seventh and eighth grade they had hopes of making the varsity team. Tim earned a spot but Colin didn’t, as there was an older wrestler at his weight class already on team.

“I was happy that my brother was on the team, but I was angry that I wasn’t on there and didn’t get an opportunity, it was frustrating,” Colin said.

In November of 2012, Tim became the 16th wrestler in Tonawanda High School history to join the 100-win club. Colin has continued to work at his craft and went undefeated in back-to-back seasons at the junior varsity level, but after his freshman season he missed the next two wrestling seasons because of injury and then for personal reasons. He got the itch to return last year.

“Halfway through the season last year I kind of missed it and it was too late to comeback up, so I just regretted it,” Colin said.

This season, Colin decided to rejoin the team. He suffered a back injury in his first match of the season and had to take some time off, again. He’ll be making his season debut this weekend when the team travels to NCCC for the Niagara Frontiers Officials tournament.

“He really wants to be here and he really wants to surprise people and make an impact this year,” Hess said. “He’s hanging with the best kids (on our team) and we have some of the best in the section. I keep telling him he’s the best kept secret in the section, and he really is.”

In his senior year and nearing the end of his wrestling career, Colin will leave the sport the same way he came into it, with his brother.

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