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November 14, 2012

Szczerbinski drafted in PBA team league


Tonawanda News — "You definitely have to get your head bashed in a little bit before you start winning on tour," he said. "It's tough to sort of dive right in. This is definitely going to help calm my nerves and now I feel more accepted inside the tour. Right away getting picked is just a huge confidence boost ... I feel a little different already just being accepted by Pete Weber himself. It's a pretty neat feeling and it gives me a lot more motivation to work even harder and get even better than I am so I can help out the other four guys on my team."

Joining Szczerbinski on Team Weber (The Missouri-based squad) are Western New York natives Jack Jurek (Lackawanna) and Brad Angelo (Lockport) — Angelo is an alternate who will only play if someone suffers an injury.

Szczerbinski said that the local connection should be a huge asset for the team, and that he takes pride in being one of five local bowlers on tour. He was thrilled for Jurek when he heard he was drafted because the two are close friends.

"Him and I are actually roommates out there on tour," Szczerbinski said. "For me to get picked on his team is pretty good because we work so well together ... We're able to communicate very well without any judgements with each other. That should be a big asset for our team."

Each team in the PBA team league will have a celebrity owner, and four of the eight squads have already been paired up with somebody. Chris Paul, Terrell Owens, Jerome Bettis and Kevin Hart all have committed to be a part of the new league and Szczerbinski doesn't think it will be long before the other four teams have celebrity owners as well.

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