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October 10, 2012

Woodard ready to make T-NT memories

Tonawanda News — Chris Woodard can remember every T-NT game since he was little. That’s because he’s been at every one.

No matter if the site was NT or Tonawanda, Woodard was in the stands, dreaming of the day he might be a Lumberjack. That day has come and on Friday night when the lights go on at Clinton Small Stadium, all the eyes in the stands will now be focused on Woodard who’s been waiting for this moment his entire life.

“It’s definitely what I look forward to all year around,” he said. “It’s my favorite time of year. It starts on Monday and the whole week is just awesome, there is so much hype for the game … To go from watching in the stands to playing on the field — it’s going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Woodard has been playing football since he was 6 years old. He doesn’t do much of anything else, in fact he said his life revolves around sports. If he’s not playing football he has a basketball in his hand, and if he’s not on the court he’s playing lacrosse. He has dedicated his life to becoming a great athlete and it’s all starting to pay off for the Jacks.

NT coach Tony Truilizio saw how special Woodard is from the first time he met the sophomore. At the team’s first meeting, Truilizio asked every player to go to a group based on position. When he called out the quarterback group one person raised their hand: Chris Woodard.

“Chris is probably the second (best) quarterback I’ve ever had,” Truilizio said, after Dave Drayton out of Riverside. “ … Chris is doing wonderful things with the talent around him whereas Drayton had a ton of talent around him.”

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