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December 27, 2012

Ken West's Lindner knows how to turn it on when she gets out on the court

Tonawanda News — Marylouise Lindner isn’t just someone who her teammates admire, but she’s a great ambassador for Kenmore West.

Really, she’s just that likable.

But behind Lindner’s gentle voice there beats the heart of a lion. The kind of heart that makes her teammates want to battle with this kid because you she would run through a wall for her team.

A senior on the Kenmore West basketball team, Lindner smiles in disbelief as she talks about being in her final year of high school.

”So fast. I can’t believe that these four years have flown by,” Lindner said. “I don’t feel as old as I am. I feel like the players and the students ahead of me were much older than I am (now). Now I’m where they (were) and it’s like not where I’m supposed to be.”

Now in her third season of varsity hoops Lindner is the Blue Devils’ starting point guard. But along with the duties of running the show on the floor, Lindner, along with Liz Gallagher, is stepping up to fill the role of captain for a program that saw eight seniors graduate and welcome in seven


”Over the years I’ve learned the good and bad and what to do and what not to do, and how to represent myself and how to take care of the team,” she said. “It’s important and I feel really honored that the coaches thought I could fill that spot well.”

Being a captain isn’t new territory though for Lindner, as she held the same role for the varsity soccer team. The soccer team not only struggled to find wins but, at times, had a troubles finding its identity as a group. Lindner emerged as a the voice of leadership and got the team on track when it seemed like everything was all but lost.

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