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December 27, 2012

Ken West's Lindner knows how to turn it on when she gets out on the court


Tonawanda News — As she reflected on the soccer season Lindner said the ups and downs of that showed her that being a captain is much more than shaking hands at the start of a game and bragging about wearing the C. 

”Yeah more than I thought, especially in soccer, because we didn’t have the greatest year,” Lindner said. “You’re not just there to start cheers. It’s a lot of pressure.”

Being a captain entails far more behind the scenes than most people realize. From making sure girls know when and where to meet the bus for road games, to organizing team bonding events and captains practices — there’s a lot to handle. But being a captain has also showed Lindner what she is capable of as a person.

”I think it taught me that people really do look up to me and I take pride in that,” Lindner said. “I’m really happy that they can, and I put it out there that they can (come to me). It’s surprising.”

So just how hard does Lindner go each and everyday? Just ask teammate and long time friend Sharon Guarino.

A senior on the Blue Devils basketball team, Guarino and Lindner have also been teammates on varsity soccer. A couple weeks ago Lindner and Guarino were the last two girls left in a drill that simulated battling on the floor for a loose ball. As Guarino and Lindner raced for the ball, Lindner threw a hip check that knocked Guarino off balance, which gave her the edge to win the drill. Both smiled as Lindner helped Guarino up after the drill.

”Playing with her has probably been one of the toughest things that I’ve had to do,” Guarino said. “But I wouldn’t give it up for the world because it’s made me the athlete that I am. Her being on the team has made us the most competitive team we can be.”

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