Tonawanda News


December 27, 2012

Ken West's Lindner knows how to turn it on when she gets out on the court


Tonawanda News — ”She just has tremendous character,” Blue Devils assistant coach Jeff Martin said. “That’s one of her qualities. Tremendous character. Tremendous perseverance. Always looking at the positive, never looking at the negative. Just a great, great attitude and somebody that you’d love to have on your team, in any sport.”

Lindner, who also plays varsity softball, chuckled a bit too as she recalled that drill. But as she smiled she said that it was just an example of going full steam ahead. Something, she feels, her teammates expect of her.

Guarino said she has nothing but respect and admiration for the way Lindner brings it every day and that the team would be nowhere if not for Lindner and the way she pushes everyone to give their best each day.

More than trying to put points on the board to help win games, Lindner knows that being a captain, especially of a young team, is about taking girls under her wing.

”I hope that I can do that, because that’s really important,” Lindner said. “I like to be there for them, especially if they need it.”

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