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March 4, 2013

McGregor picks up third MMA win

Tonawanda News — The plan for Scott McGregor on Saturday night was to work his stand up against Jermaine Sneed, a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and only go to the ground as a last resort. 

But seconds into the fight, the former Tonawanda wrestler saw an opening, shot in hard and emphatically drove Sneed to the ground. For the next six-plus minutes, McGregor dominated the Niagara Falls native, and in the second round locked in a rear naked choke to earn the victory via submission at the third T-NT Fight Series event at Rainbow Rink in North Tonawanda.

The 22-year-old McGregor was surprised how well he was able to work once he took Sneed to the ground.

"He said he was a jiu-jitsu guy so I should be wary on the ground, but I passed him very easy and got to mount," McGregor said. "I just took my time and set things up."

The victory meant a lot to McGregor, not only because he was fighting in front of friends and family, but because Sneed called him out. McGregor's coach Erik Herbert said Sneed really lit a fire under his fighter and it showed in the cage.

"Scott submitted a kid that's a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu — that's a big accomplishment," Herbert said. "We kind of thought it would go that way. … The plan was to stand and if it didn't go to our favor we would go for the take down. But Scott was a collegiate wrestler and likes to wrestle, so he took him down right away. Not the plan but we weren't worried if it went there."

McGregor said that normally when someone calls out a fighter he or she has the skills to back it up, but Sneed barely put up a fight off his back. McGregor rained big punches in the first round and held him down for most of the round. In the second, Herbert called out to McGregor after he landed another double leg and instructed him to start working his jiu-jitsu after softening Sneed up in the first with pure ground and pound. 

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