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June 12, 2014

A golf friend returns this Sunday

Tonawanda News — For about three decades, Ken Ruggiero has offered his insights and tales of golf in a regular Sunday column featured in this newspaper, running weekly throughout the local golf season, wrapping up in the fall.

If you’ve noticed the absence of his column, you will need not miss it much longer. It’s my pleasure to announce that Ken will resume his golf columns beginning this coming Sunday.

I am also finally at liberty to explain the delayed start to his column this season.

Over the past few months, Ken has battled some serious health issues. I will not go into details, for I prefer he address it on his terms, as he sees fit. 

Part of the delay was wanting him to be ready to go when the time was right. We had our first conversations about the column back in early April, when he was down in Florida. We agreed to let some time pass and see how he was feeling when we’d get back in touch in May. We chatted again and, at that time, we agreed I’d wait one more week to contact him again and see if he was up for it.

Based on a gut feeling, I didn’t call him back right away. That gut feeling told me, wait a little while longer and he’ll reignite his own spark. If he’s ready to go, he’ll call.

Sure enough, he did. We spoke this week and Ken, who was in great spirits during our chat, mentioned how many people have complained to him that his column was missing. He was ready to go.

Luckily for me, Ken too understood my deliberate delay in getting back to him. Now that you know, I wish to express my appreciation for your patience. 

Some things are just worth waiting for. Welcome back, Ken.

Michael Mroziak is the sports editor for our sister newspaper, Niagara Gazette, which along with the Tonawanda News will resume Ken Ruggiero’s weekly golf column this Sunday. Follow him on Twitter at @MrozGazette. 

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