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July 26, 2013

NT native Stevenson ready for Ironman

Tonawanda News — Jacquelyn Stevenson’s workout regimen would put most to shame.

Running, biking or swimming, each week holds a different encounter that she attacks with grit, building her strength and endurance. 

With each day comes a task that she is concentrated and focused on completing, but her motivation comes from the thought of knowing she is one step closer to conquering a mammoth objective on her bucket list: completing an Ironman.

Stevenson, a North Tonawanda native currently residing in Scranton, Pa., is ready to take part in one of the toughest courses the Ironman has to offer in Lake Placid, NY on Saturday. 

“This year I turned 30, so I figured what better of a year to do it,” Stevenson said. “It’s a challenge for me. I’m getting older and how do you continue to challenge yourself?”

Just a few years ago, after setting her sights on an Ironman competition, Stevenson had to overcome a small little hurdle: she didn’t know how to swim. With a background in running and her ability to ride a bike, she knew which area she needed to focus on in order to compete in a triathlon.

“I joined Team in Training. They fundraise for the leukemia and lymphoma society,” Stevenson said. “I fundraised for them and, as a result of that, I got a triathlon coach that taught me the basics of triathlon and good swim focus and strategy and how to plan out my stroke efficiently.”

Between her full-time job working in corporate audit as an engineer for a large defense contractor and other responsibilities, Stevenson planned her workout routines. 

Over the years, she took all three aspects — swimming, biking and running — and strengthened them, doing an Olympic distance triathlon and then a half Ironman distance in preparation for the full distance.

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