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July 14, 2013


Lumberjacks win first ever T-NT alumni game


Tonawanda News — Among all of the excitement of touchdowns and big hits there were still the same chants and celebrations after every hit and touchdown. The passion for a rivalry that has seen 103 games made this quite the experience for players and fans.

“Growing up in this community there is a lot of guys I grew up watching,” Miranto said. “I remember being up in the stands and cheering for guys like Jonny Mohr and Adam Day and now I’ve gotten the opportunity to play with them. It’s probably the coolest thing about this experience; being able to play with all these legends.”

Rich Brumfield, a graduate of Tonawanda high school and MVP, embraced the event as well.

“I don’t care that we lost. We just went out and had a good time,” said Brumfield, a 2001 graduate and Alumni Football Game MVP for Tonawanda. “(Reading the defense) for me, it was like I did it yesterday. It’s been 12 years, but it felt like it was yesterday.”

Although a second-annual game has not been announced yet, there has been talk amongst the players about another game next year. For Frank Pallotta, a 1955 graduate of NT and 1973 NT Football Hall of Fame inductee, he hopes the game can continue a few more years.

“I wouldn’t want to be out there. I’ve been asked, but I’m not that crazy,” Pallotta said. “This was really a nice evening, a lot of fun here. There is a lot of history here in North Tonawanda; the rivalry is a great tradition. It’s probably the best in the eastern part of the country or even the whole country.”

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