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June 15, 2013

NT softball legend Frizzell to HS Hall Saturday


Tonawanda News — “She knows about my career and the successes I’ve had, but when it’s your own daughter it’s like you don’t know anything,” Frizzell said. “She’s only 10 but now when I work with her on the pitching she absorbs more. I wish I could do it more, but with working full time it’s difficult.”

Morgan racked up 14 strike outs at a recent tournament game and looks to be following in mom’s footsteps. Hailey is a volleyball player and a tremendous singer, Frizzell said.

Frizzell knows how important it is to be a big part of her kids’ life. She learned that lesson from her parents, Harry and Pat Frizzell.

“I worked hard and my father was always there,” she said. “He had me out in front of the house pitching, even on days I didn’t feel like doing it, he’d have me out there to make sure I got my practice in. Broke a lot windows and garage doors.”

The practice obviously paid off and led to an amazing career full of great memories for Frizzell. But after all is said and done, the state championship is still what she holds most dear.

“That’s the dream year and you think back, not just the championship, but the whole season that year — how it all played out. I think we may have lost one or two games,” she said. “Winning that senior year, gosh. How do you even put that into words. I have to say it’s my single most memorable moment of my entire career.”

Frizzell still makes her way back to NT every week in the summer to play in a slow pitch softball league. She said she likes to go back because when she crosses the bridge into NT it’s like going back in time. 

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