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May 16, 2014

The Nick and Niko show heads Ken West Tennis

Tonawanda News — The Nick and Niko Show is looking to extend its run for as long as possible.

Longtime friends on the Kenmore West tennis team, Nick Atallah, a junior and senior Niko Mancuso will be looking to end on a memorable note as the two will represent the Blue Devils in the NFL doubles tournament that is being played at Grand Island High School, today at 9am.

Though Atallah and Mancuso have spent the bulk of the past two seasons as the Blue Devils first and second singles players the two have teamed in the past. So their combination of experience together, exceptional skill and a natural chemistry will make them a formidable duo. In fact, Blue Devils coach Lisa Siegel believes her tandem should rank as one of the favorites.

“I think their record as singles players shows that they’re both dominant forces,” she said. “I think when you put them together it looks really good on paper and it’s going to look real good on the court. When they get out there they should be one of the top doubles teams, so they should represent. This is Ken West’s time to have a really strong doubles team in the NFL tournament and hopefully a representation for sectionals.”

Having a history of playing doubles together, Atallah and Mancuso teamed in the NFL doubles tournament two seasons ago. Both believe that teamwork will return quickly and be even better.

“We’ve played with each other in the past,” Mancuso said. “We have two different styles of games, so we compliment each other very well. I’m excited to see what we can do and hopefully we have a pretty good shot at winning the tournament this year.”

Each bringing something different to the table, Mancuso brings a solid, consist approach in his game while Atallah has some of the most powerful strokes in the NFL.

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