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March 14, 2013

Villa wrestling his way to the top

Tonawanda News — Frankie Villa is used to hearing about how he won’t make it; and how hard it is to be a professional wrestler. 

Villa, a 19-year-old resident of Tonawanda, a.k.a. the “The Fabulous,” just doesn’t care. 

He has had hopes of becoming a professional wrestler since he was 14 years old. From his time spent working security next to Hulk Hogan during a Buffalo TNA show, to wrestling head-to-head against former WWF Intercontinental champion Shane “The Franchise” Douglas.

Villa’s most recent venture is the TNA Gut Check Challenge on Spike TV. He is entered into a pool along with wrestlers across the country and anyone can go online and vote for him. If he makes it past the first two rounds he will earn a trip to Orlando, Fl. and wrestle on Spike TV with a chance to earn a contract with TNA.

“My goal is to make it on TV just to say I did it,” Villa said. “When I first broke into the business that was the one goal I set for myself. At least if I reach it just once, it doesn’t matter what anybody has to say. If I got to that point no one can tell me I didn’t do anything because I know I reached my goal.”

Villa came in first place in the challenge on the show’s initial run, but due to a problem with the voting system online, TNA was forced to restart the competition. 

Villa is used to overcoming the odds because he has been proving skeptics wrong every step of the way; including his father, Frank Villa.

“My father was entirely against me being a wrestler,” Villa said. “He never wanted that for me, but me being a rebel child and a dream seeker, I just continued to keep it going and I pushed the envelope to keep training and say to myself, ‘I know you can do it.’”

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