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September 6, 2013

North Tonawanda 2013 football preview


Tonawanda News — But in Stone’s absence, senior Christian Mahoe and Junior Tyjier Brandy, a JV standout last season, have proved to be capable replacements. Mahoe began last season as the Jacks’ starter before running into some injury issues later in the season. Truilizio also expects young speedster Cody Sikora to make an impact once he gets comfortable playing varsity football.

Returning under center is Chris Woodard, who brings a talented all-around package to the quarterback position for the Jacks. He threw for 684 yards and five touchdowns, while rushing for 333 yards.

Truilizio said he has already noticed the development of Woodard over the course of the offseason and especially in the film of the team’s scrimmage. He called Woodard a “high-caliber player.”

“He is smart, has great footwork and, in my opinion right now, he could be a Division 1 quarterback as a junior,” Truilizio said. “Colleges have to start looking at him, he’s that good. He needs to stay healthy and I think he’ll be competing for some All-Western New York stats.”

Truilizio loves Woodard’s leadership abilities and thinks he has the total package as a football player.

Woodard said last season provided the necessary experience for him to grow as a player. He has adjusted to the speed of the game and now is confident in his ability to see the play before it happens and react naturally to everything the defense throws at him.

“I come up to the line and I already know what’s going to happen from the defense, where as last year it was more confusing,” he said. “We know the plays more and I think that helps a lot too.”

“Last year when I didn’t see my first read I’d take off and run. This year I’ve gotten better at looking through my second and third read, and if they’re not there, checking down to my running back. I think that’s going to help us a lot more in the passing game.”

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