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September 7, 2013

RICCI: City of Tonawanda wins with new facility

Tonawanda News — Way to go City of Tonawanda. You got it done and you got it done right.

Doors to the New Clinton H. Small Stadium officially opened on Aug. 30 with the Dan Durick Kick-Off soccer tournament.

As I stood at the top of the bleachers, just outside the Jason Zdrojewski Memorial Press Box, and saw the morning sun kiss off of that beautiful brand new turf field, I couldn’t help but smile.

The stadium was open, on time, and ready for action. Sure the softball diamond and practice field area behind the visiting stands are still a work in progress, and a sink was being installed in the concessions stand as the first game was underway. But the stadium was open and it was game on.

There are countless people behind the scenes who should be thanked. People who made the dream of this field become a reality. But the ones that deserve the most thanks are the people of Tonawanda who voted in favor of the capital bond project that enabled the New Clinton H.Small Stadium to be built.

The citizens who had the vision to break from the past and be daring enough to embrace the future and give their kids better resources to pursue their athletic dreams.

People who stood firm in the face of the uninformed critics who thought this was about taking money away from education and using it to build a football stadium. 

Those who took the time to study the facts and learn the full story knew this was about sweeping improvements throughout the district. The more efficient, safer bus loop can get kids to class easier, and visiting sports teams in and out of the school without having to fight through a crowded hallway.

The improvements and updates in the music departments. The new roofs at the elementary schools.

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