Tonawanda News


January 15, 2014

NT bowler Behr having breakout season


Tonawanda News — Behr admitted that last season was tough after he injured his arm while snowboarding (“Guess I was a little over-confident on the slopes.”)

He knew that he had hurt his arm, but he held off getting confirmation until after the season ended because he didn’t want to be shut down.

So he played without any kind of hook because, he said, turning his wrist was just too painful.

“He still had plenty of strength, but he had some trouble aiming his shots,” Rohring said. “He was kind of like a wild pitcher. But he wouldn’t get it X-rayed until after the season, because he knew he’d be done if it showed he had a broken arm.”

The rebound has been solid enough that Behr has turned his ambitions to qualifying for the state bowling tournament — either with his team, or more likely on the squad of top individual bowlers.

“I think I’ve got a shot at the individual team for states,” Behr said. “Focus is important. If you’re angry after you miss a spare, you’re not going to do well the rest of the game. You have to be in control.”

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