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December 26, 2012

NT's Jake Ventry preparing for Golden Gloves tournament in January


Tonawanda News —

"(Jake) understands what he's doing in the ring," David added. "He has a reall good ability to slip and move, and make people miss. He's got real quick hands."

In Ventry's last fight, he fought a senior fighter for the first time in his career and David said the fight showed his son what's it like to face a grown man.

"Up until now he's only fought 16- and 17-year-olds," David said. "He learned a lesson about what it's like facing a grown man. The fight before that he won by second round knockout and just ran right through the kid. But when he fought this last time and he hurt the guy, that guy was able to come back."

Thunder Boxing is expected to be fully operational starting Jan. 1. Before the building was opened several weeks ago, Ventry had to travel to Buffalo two or three times a week to train. The new gym in his own backyard allows the 17-year-old boxer to train five days a week.

David expects his son's conditioning and skill level to improve after he's able to put in a few weeks of consistent training at Thunder Boxing.

"He's really been taking his training seriously since the last fight," David said. "Even when he wasn't in great shape he could beat kids his age because he's always been around boxing. But now as he starts facing the more elite guys his conditioning has to be there because these guys have also been in the gym their whole lives."

Even with an unsatisfactory training area for his last fight, David said his son turned in a strong showing and his opponent ended up "puking in the dressing room" after the fight because of Ventry's violent body shots.

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