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October 3, 2012

North Tonawanda's four seniors leading as a group on the golf course


Confidence is the key to a strong outing in match play, according to Becigneul. If a golfer steps foot on the first tee and isn’t focused and sure of himself, things are usually going to go south very quickly. Walck has been on the team all four of his high school years and said the mental parts of the game are taxing.

“That’s one of the things that kills me,” he said. “When you have to go up to a shot and wait around, you’re just thinking ‘what’s the worst possible situation or what good can happen.’ You have to fight that and think about that one shot. It’s a mental game and you have to be clear mentally.”

Becigneul echoed Walck’s feelings and said he’s constantly working on mental toughness with his team.

“A lot of the younger kids, if they hit a bad shot you can read it in their body language,” he said. “We work on that — that the only shot that counts is the next one. I try and pound that into their head.”

Three weeks ago Becigneul never could have envisioned his team competing in every match, but now expects nothing less down the stretch. Walck thinks his coach’s supposition is right on par.

“I feel like we really have the potential to be a good team,” Walck said. “It’s high school and we like to have fun and goof around, but if we all focus we can shoot well and be in a match with anybody.”

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