Tonawanda News

August 7, 2013

Halgash to limit AD role

By Neale Gulley
The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — The City of Tonawanda school district on Tuesday moved to create a new athletic manager position to replace many of the duties once held by Brad Halgash, who will maintain a limited role as the district’s director of physical education.

Halgash, who is now principal at Mullen school, effectively remains the district athletic director in charge of hiring and staff evaluations. But by abolishing his previous title of coordinator of athletics and physical education — and seeking another person to fill a part-time position titled athletic manager — the board plans to hand off the majority of Halgash’s athletic director responsibilities.

Renee Lettow, currently a teacher in the district, was appointed Tuesday on a temporary basis as athletic manager while a search for a permanent hire continues. Lettow will be paid $21.45 per hour in the interim.

Superintendent Dr. James Newton said the new position ultimately will be filled by a physical education teacher like Lettow, who is already employed by the district.

He said Halgash’s continued involvement is necessary in part because he is a certified administrator, which is required for some duties. But the board also expressed pleasure that that the former jack-of-all-trades assistant principal and athletic director will remain involved in the program.

“I spent three and a half years in the athletic department, building it up,” Halgash said. “We’ve had multiple championships in multiple sports. We’ve been very successful, however, I’m looking forward to my future here at Mullen.”