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October 22, 2012

Iraci resigns as mayor's assistant and is headed to direct a nonprofit

Tonawanda News — Sam Iraci Jr. came to the City of Tonawanda as an interim administrative assistant to the mayor in 2008. 

He was scheduled to stay for only three or four months, but four-and-a half years later, Iraci just completed his stint Friday after announcing his resignation last month. 

The extension of his stay came as a delight to his colleagues — and his boss.

“You can’t find a guy that has more passion for good government,” Mayor Ron Pilozzi said. “He did a lot of great things for the city and I don’t think a lot of people realize that.”

Iraci will be taking his years of experience and expertise to Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps, a nonprofit entity that has a contract with the City of Buffalo to do business with property owners to provide parking. 

He will serve as executive director of the agency, based on Pearl Street. 

“It interested me for a lot of reasons,” Iraci said. “It includes a wide range of work activities — I will be managing 60 people and working on big development issues. Everybody needs parking, so I will be working with developers to provide it.” 

He has also signed on as a third-party negotiator working for the City of Lockport in talks with its municipal unions.

Iraci came highly qualified to the city.

He graduated from Canisius High School, received his bachelors from Niagara University in 1972 and went back for his masters in Public Administration, graduating in 1991. 

“I finished at Niagara and I was looking at law,” Iraci said. “But one thing led to another, and I got into the public sector and loved it. I knew I wanted to do public sector management and went back for my MPA.” 

He served as the Director Labor Relations for the City of Buffalo before serving as the deputy mayor to Jimmy Griffin for six years until 1992. 

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