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October 22, 2012

Iraci resigns as mayor's assistant and is headed to direct a nonprofit


Tonawanda News — And before coming to Tonawanda, he worked as city manager in Elmira for 12 years. 

In his past four years as an assistant to the mayor, he’s dealt with the area’s major issues and seen the city’s struggles.

“In difficult economic times, negotiating contracts to be fair with the employees and the

taxpayers has been difficult,” Iraci said. 

Iraci said his most rewarding projects included working with City Engineer Jason LaMonaco on Spaulding Park and working with Treasurer Joe Hogenkamp on creating a capital budget and obtaining a credit rating upgrade.

After his resignation announcement in September, Iraci stuck around to tie up a few loose ends — including helping with the preliminary budget and 5-year plan, negotiating the CTEA contract and moving Little League Drive negotiations along. 

“There is a report to be made with the council that the attorney is working on about the negotiations,” Iraci said. “The council will be considering how the deal will be structured. But the city has to do something to raise the tax base, and if it’s not adding revenue, it’s cutting services or upping taxes.” 

Apart from his passion for local government, Iraci’s personal life is also very important to him. He is about to celebrate his 39th wedding anniversary with his wife.

They have had three children together — Jessica, who works for the City of Toronto, Sam, who is a physical therapist and Andrew, who sadly passed away in 2010. 

Family members and city workers had a going away party for Iraci Thursday, and he had quite the crowd in his office Friday with many colleagues coming to wish him good luck. 

But Pilozzi will likely feel Iraci’s void the most.

“I feel terrible,” Pilozzi said. “When you get the level of expertise and match it with his honesty and integrity and the ability to network with so many people, he is invaluable.” 

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