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July 25, 2012

Capital project set to begin in March


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Buckley said he doesn’t see any current money shortfall, but did say there will always be money difficulties in a project of this magnitude. 

“We do need to set aside money for change orders,” Buckley said. “Things pop up, but dollars don’t change, and there are not pools of extra money laying around. But part of our jobs is to make it within the designated amount.” 

Buckley also said the public voted on the right amount of money for the project, and that the city shouldn’t have asked for too much more when considering the state of the economy. 

Board members also discussed updating the district’s website to reflect the current goals of the project, as the site’s images are not up-to-date, and include renovations — like the high school’s art wing — that were dropped along the way.

“We determined that we couldn’t do the art wing under budget,”  Brady said. “So we went back to the teachers to talk about it, and they said they liked where they were, and they didn’t want to move anyway. Part of it is budgetary, but part of it is also just pragmatics, too.”

Brady also said population projections for the school are not supposed to increase enough to justify such a large addition, either. 

“Projects evolve, that’s just the way it is,” Brady said. 

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