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November 2, 2013

City of Tonawanda candidate bios


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Jackie Smilinich

Party Lines: Democratic, Working Families, Conservative.

Background: Retired postmaster, former school board president.

Platform: Smilinich is against the Little League Drive development and has argued that the city is not capable of attracting residents due to the lack of development downtown. She also is against People Inc.’s proposed development of Highland School due to traffic and zoning inconsistencies at the site.

Third Ward

John Hall

Party Lines: Republican, Independent.

Background: Former DPW employee, youth sports coach.

Platform: Hall supports the Little League housing development under the conditions that the surrounding residents’ concerns are listened to. He has also proposed that the city or outside developer build a sportsplex or dome in the Spaulding Fiber park.

Richard Slisz

Party Lines: Democrat, Working Families, Conservative.

Background: Been on the council for four years, former Erie County legislator.

Platform: Slisz does not support the housing development as proposed due to the tax abatement and homeowners’ association.

Fourth Ward

Brian Jopp

Party Line: Republican.

Background: President of Ghostline Entertainment.

Platform: Jopp supports the housing development as a project that would bring in tax revenue. He has also called for the city to push for funding to clean up the flats behind Hackett Drive.

Jenna Koch

Party Lines: Democratic, Conservative, Working Families, Independent.

Background: Human resources manager.

Platform: Koch is against the Little League housing development due to its $192,000 sale price for the 16.94 acres, as well as the tax abatement.




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