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May 15, 2014

City updates tree planting


Tonawanda News — “While I have confidence in the process that was used, I decided to issue a moratorium on the priority two and three trees that are slated for removal to make sure the city is doing everything we can to possibly save those trees,” Davis said in a press release issued earlier this month.

After ordering the stoppage, Davis invited Ruch to a city meeting to explain the project to the council and elaborate on the state of the trees in categories two and three.

“They can wait, but they’ve got to come down,” he said at the meeting last week. “I know some people were upset about removing the (priority three trees) and I don’t blame them, it’s a hard thing.”

The city doesn’t have the resources to remove the trees in those categories immediately, and in time, they will deteriorate more, Ruch said.

Council President Carleton Zeisz also added that the city normally removes 100 trees per year, and the removal of the 400 damaged trees only makes up about 7 percent of all the city’s trees.

City officials were hoping to plant more trees this spring to replaced the removed ones, but the plantings have been delayed until the fall due to a shortage of saplings at area nurseries.

“That delay is unfortunate; however, it does allow us to apply for a partial reimbursement for the trees we plant through National Grid. Hopefully we can get a little more bang for our buck,” Davis said.

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