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August 8, 2013



Tonawanda News — "This is a history we share with this region," he said, referring to the Lois McClure's links to Western New York carrying lumber, bricks and grain. "Our cargo now is history and perspective." 

With a slight breeze above deck, Cohn greeted the early-goers as they stepped onto the deck of the green and white boat. Below deck, displays of the wares once carried along the canal were prominent as the crew answered questions and chatted with curious visitors. 

Fred Sahr, of Sanborn, toured the vessel with his wife Joanne, as they had during the first visit to the area. He said his father, uncle and grandfather had owned or worked on similar schooner in the early 1900s. 

"That's the reason we came on the boat today," he said. 

Ann Ward, a Niagara Falls resident and a history teacher at Amherst High School, brought her two children to see what her students could only read about in the classroom. And North Tonawanda's Nate Burgin, a Niagara County Boy Scout who regularly sails on a 1948 vessel in Lewiston, also boarded the Lois McClure with his parents on Wednesday. 

"I think it was pretty cool," he said. 

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