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November 21, 2012

Council passes amended budget



In total, about $108,300 was cut from the budget. The tax levy was reduced from $10,092,856 to $9,984,556.

Per the sewer fund budget, also passed Tuesday, the sewer rate will increase 5 percent — from the 2012 rate of $4.29 per thousand gallons to $4.50. 

In his preliminary budget message, Mayor Ron Pilozzi said the increase will hopefully aid the city with future mandatory improvements to the sewage treatment system, mandated by federal and state environmental agencies.

The budget’s passage comes after a few residents complained at the city budget hearing Oct. 16.

Residents took issue with the planned spending and salary increases.

Tuesday, officials said repeatedly that they can’t touch salaries, as they are negotiated through contracts with the city’s unions.

And an increase in salaries from the mayor’s office comes as a result of Sam Iraci Jr. leaving the post of administrative assistant. Iraci was receiving $42,000 annually and no benefits due to pension regulations. The city saved about $25,000 while Iraci was on board, which accounts for the increase in 2013.

The five-year capital plan, which was also passed at Tuesday’s meeting, specifies capital sewer projects for each year until 2017.

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