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September 21, 2012

Tonawanda teen writes first book on bullying, respect

Tonawanda News — Mark Metzger saw himself as a winning hockey player in the NHL. But then the young Junior A center injured himself in while playing a few years ago, and his outlook changed.

In the years since his injury, Metzger made a consequential career move, writing his first book and printing it through CIS Publishing. It was a move that even surprised himself. 

“If you told me back in school I would write a book, I would have laughed,” Metzger said. “I never thought I would write a book. It just shows you never know what you can do if you put your mind to it.” 

Metzger started “Winner or Loser, Winning Over Basic Youth Conflicts” in September. It was complete about five months later. 

The book is aimed at the youth audience and offers guidelines for developing quality character, real values and a relationship with others, focusing on anti-bullying efforts. 

“I have been seeing how people are bullied in school, I saw it first hand,” Metzger said. “I still see it now being 19.”

One chapter in his book describes an encounter with a bullying victim while he was in school.

“One kid, everyone was always putting him down,” Metzger said. “I went up to him and heard some stories he was telling me. It was really sad, his life at home and everything, and a lot of people were just making it worse.”

To combat those issues, Metzger’s book focuses on enjoying life, committing acts of kindness, and treating everyone with respect, all with a base of Christian principles and beliefs. 

“That’s the way I was brought up,” he said. “They provide guidelines, principles. It’s how I see things.”

Metzger’s book plans got off to a running start when he ran into his role model, Craig Keeland, at Joel Osteen’s Night of Hope Event last December. Metzger asked Keeland for advice on getting his own book published.

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