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July 31, 2013

Little League Drive deal reached


Tonawanda News — The residents will also be paying a fee to the homeowners’ association, which will be responsible for most of the site’s snow plowing, street maintenance and garbage pickup. 

A public hearing on the contract will be scheduled for the end of August. The document will then go before the council, which will vote on directing the mayor to sign the contract. 

Pilozzi marked the contract as a success Tuesday.

“There are tradeoffs. They will be paying in less in taxes, but Natale is paying for all the infrastructure,” he said. “The bottom line is that this is going to improve the tax base and help boost city businesses.”

But some residents have opposed the project disagree. Roger Puchalski, who, along with his wife, Debbie, have led the fight against the plans, objected to many of the terms in the contract. Most notably, he cited previous appraisals of the property that listed its worth as $500,000 — not the $192,000 sale price in the contract. 

“There are certain elected officials in this city who want this development not because it’s the best deal or in the best interest of the residents to lose 16 plus acres of parkland but because it is something they can put on their campaign literature,” he said in a written statement. “If this were a sporting event, the headline would be: ‘Natale wins big.’”

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