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August 30, 2012

Mullen roof repairs prove difficult

Tonawanda News — Mullen Elementary’s roof replacement won’t be finished by the start of school next week as originally hoped, according to Superintendent Whitney Vantine.

“It hasn’t gone as smoothly as we would have liked,” Vantine said. “We don’t think we are going to make the September date. To be blunt, it’s far worse than we thought.” 

Construction will continue for a few weeks into September while the students are at school.

Representatives from Pike, the construction firm managing the capital project, and Wendel architects attended Tuesday night’s board meeting to answer questions about the delay, and the extensive damage to the roof. 

Most of the construction that’s left to do on the roof is in the gym and Project Manager Peter Buckley of Wendel said they plan on isolating the gym to repair the roof starting Monday.

Children will either go outside for gym or have activities in another classroom until the construction is finished. 

Also as a result of the ongoing replacement, the school won’t be able to hook up a gas line to the kitchen. Instead, cooked food will be made at the high school, and then transported to Mullen. 

Buckley assured the board that the children will be completely safe while entering, leaving and at the building, but said there are some procedures that can’t take place when children are in the building per Commissioner’s Regulations. 

Construction crews are already working 7 days a week, but may have to start working at night, according to Buckley. 

“We have to look at other hours, and we might push some construction until early morning,” Buckley said. 

School board member Jennifer Mysliwy raised concerns about construction noise throughout the night and how it may disturb neighbors. 

“Are you just hoping no one calls?” Mysliw asked. 

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