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October 13, 2013

Cooking for a cafeteria


Tonawanda News — In addition, Mandy Sampson has started the process to eventually get the recipe served in cafeterias throughout district schools. No matter what happens, she said, she hopes the campaign brings attention to the importance of eating dinner together.

“If we win, that’s great. If not, we had a good time and I’ve stressed the importance for other families,” she said. “It makes me sad to hear kids say, ‘We don’t eat together at the table at all.’ This is a missed opportunity to come together as a family. All of us have busy lives. This is the perfect time you really can connect with a kid.”

Edward said the experience was “sort of fun.” While he acknowledged the principal would probably have the final say on what a new cafeteria would be like, he does have a few hopes. “I would want a really cool, awesome design. It would be great if it were bigger, so more kids could eat at once.”

Principal John McKenna said that Edward showed the sort of leadership skills the school wants to promote in its students.

“I hope it’s an example to other students who want to do project to support their school and their community,” he said. 

Voting at runs through Oct. 27.

TO VOTE • To vote for the Sampsons' video, visit and search for "Fletcher." Voting runs through Oct. 27.

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