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June 12, 2014

Do You Remember June 12?

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2004 - 10 years ago

• Tonawanda native, Airman First Class Ryan Snyder, a member of the Air Force Honor Guard, was posted at the Reagan Library in California as President Reagan was lying in repose.

• The top films at the box office were “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” “Shrek 2,” “The Day After Tomorrow,” and “Troy.”

1989 - 25 years ago

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kaufmann celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

• Members of the North Tonawanda High School Band requested $35,000 for 125 new uniforms at a Board of Education meeting. Band members said that at competitions judges noted that the outdated 1972-era uniforms deterred from their presentation.

1964 - 50 years ago

• Republican National Chairman William E. Miller of Olcott said that he would gladly be the vice presidential candidate if asked by Senator Barry Goldwater, a Republican contender for the presidential nomination.

• A “CBS Reports” television special, “Murder and the Right to Bear Arms” aired and reported on the unregulated sale and possession of firearms.

1944 - 70 years ago

• The LST bond drive to the Statue of Liberty (AKA Day of the Stars) featuring Helen Hayes, Ray Noble, Wayne King and dozens of other entertainers sold $1,500,000 in war bonds before sailing from the Tonawandas.

• American forces had pushed 18 miles inland from the beachheads along a wide front as the Yanks approached Cherbourg. A triumphant Allied 5th Army had the German 14th Army in a major retreat in Italy.


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