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May 23, 2014

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Tonawanda News — 2004 - 10 years ago

• After crossing the $2 per gallon mark, gasoline prices continued to soar, rising 14 cents in the past two weeks.

• Tonawanda resident Isabelle Schebell was named Volunteer of the Year at ElderWood Health Care at Crestwood in Wheatfield.

1989 - 25 years ago

Paul Kudla was appointed to the NT Housing Authority by Mayor Hoffman.

• Members of the Tonawanda Rotary Club donned work clothes and helped paint the Roundhouse at the Carrousel Society.

1964 - 50 years ago

• Edward’s 6 Months & 16 Years Shoes located at 40 South Niagara St., specialized in regular and corrective shoes.

• Posters announcing Tonawandas Day at Crystal Beach went up around the Twin Cities.

1944 - 70 years ago

• Only 170 seniors were expected to graduate from North Tonawanda High School, far below the 237 of 1943, due to the large number of students who went into the armed forces.

• Two men were held and another sought after “thriller gunplay” in a wild chase to recover a stolen North Tonawanda police car. The operating officer was investigating a disturbance inside a Main Street restaurant when the car disappeared.

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The Tonawandas