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June 1, 2014

Do You Remember June 1?

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — 2004 - 10 years ago

• Spring showers dominated the month of May. The rain gauge measured 5.31 inches for the month making it the rainiest May since 1940.

P. J. Maggiore, a professional wrestler from North Tonawanda, started Buffalo Championship Wrestling and the group’s first show was held at Dom Polski.

1989 - 25 years ago

Jonathan Bush, President Bush’s brother, attended a reception and fundraiser honoring Mayor Betty Hoffman as she kicked-off her re-election campaign.

• On the “Magical World of Disney,” Davy Crockett is on his way to deliver a letter to his wife, Polly, when he stops to help an orphan and a pregnant woman in labor.

1964 - 50 years ago

• R. B. Newman Fuel Corporation announced plans to construct a $100,000 building next to its present site on East Niagara Street.

• Sheridan Park Lake in the Town of Tonawanda became a federally-licensed game preserve that boasted 15 Pekin ducks.

1944 - 70 years ago

• North Tonawanda City Attorney Joseph Ambrusko, chairman of the Honor Roll Memorial Fund, reported that donors had been generous in their response.

• Mayors Myles Joyce and Clarence Hackett were to be received by President Roosevelt upon the finish of the war bond cruise of LSTs from Tonawanda Island to the Statue of Liberty.