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October 11, 2012

Legacy of Clint Small Stadium will live on after last T-NT game

Friday night's T-NT game will be last at historic field


Tonawanda News — Change isn’t easy

The debate about whether to rebuild Clinton Small Stadium where it stands or build a new stadium at the high school has raged for a decade.

Warriors athletic director Brad Halgash said that the current stadium needed extensive repair if it was to remain. The field needed work, it needed new bleachers, the lights had to be replaced and the fieldhouse needed a whole new ventilation system.

“When you do the math of the cost of repairing things you end up with a staggering dollar amount,” Halgash said. “It’s a dollar amount that’s not covered by anybody but the taxpayers. You put that against creating a capital project where you can expand the band room, change some of the structures of the building to make it more modernized, and at the same time put the stadium up there and be aided by about 89 percent covered cost. To me I guess it’s do you want to pay out of pocket or be aided by the state.”

Halgash said after the decision was made to build the new stadium at the high school it was immediately decided that Clinton Small Stadium would remain the field’s name. He said that kids in today’s generation like a modern field with turf and all the bells and whistles, like a digital scoreboard.

Holloway agrees with the move despite the tradition and history at Clinton Small Stadium.

“Nobody can ever take away all the great memories of Clint Small Stadium, but it’s time to move on,” Holloway said. “Everyone should be looking forward to the new stadium at the high school.”

Saying Goodbye

The transition — as Halgash calls it — of Clinton Small Stadium will include an effort by the AD to honor the past, while looking into the future. He wants to make sure that traditions live on.

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