Tonawanda News


October 11, 2012

Gross was born into the Tonawanda football tradition


Tonawanda News — Football and family have always gone together for Gross and he has implemented a family-like feel to the Tonawanda program.

Gross always wanted to coach at his alma mater, it’s something he was passionate about, and he said Tonawanda will be his last coaching job.

He said that he cares deeply about his players because he once wore the same maroon jersey and strapped on the same Warrior helmet.

“I completely relate to these guys because I am them and who they are,” he said. “I grew up here and it shaped me and guided me through all the decisions and trials in my life … The players bought in and have done so much for me. They’ve brought me so much happiness and satisfaction that I want to return that and bring that same sort of happiness and success for them. They’re teaching me as much as I’m teaching them.”

The lessons on both sides started happening from the very beginning when Gross and his coaching staff installed entirely new offensive, defensive and special team systems. He’s been thrilled with the way they’ve responded.

The Tonawanda football program now has players competing at all three levels of football and Gross is happy with the progress he and his team have made in his three years.

“There’s no road map. There’s no timetable,” Gross said. “The players are doing everything necessary to protect the tradition … The intangibles are in place and those are the things you can control.”

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