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June 16, 2012

A walk months in the making

Tonawanda News — When you live the life of a high wire stuntman, the word doesn’t just describe your life, it is your life. Nik Wallenda probably understands this all too well. For the past year, it seemed like Wallenda’s walk might happen, then it might not. Then suddenly, like a Lego creation, everything seemed to fit into place. Here’s a timeline of events related to the historic walk:

• January, 2011:

At the suggestion of Niagara Falls Redevelopment Executive Vice President Robert Trevino, Nik Wallenda and state Sen. George Maziarz, R-Newfane, meet to discuss the possibility of a walk over Niagara Falls. Over the next few months, Wallenda remains in contact with authorities in both New York and Canada.

• April 27, 2011:

Senate Bill S4844-2011, which will allow Nik Wallenda to traverse the Niagara Gorge, is introduced by Maziarz.

• June 6, 2011:

Assembly Bill A8206-2011 is introduced in the Assembly, the lower house of New York State’s legislature. It is the same as the Maziarz bill.

• June 15, 2011:

The Wallenda bill passes the New York Senate, 62-0.

• June 20, 2011:

The Tourism Advisory Board in the city of Niagara Falls, USA votes to endorse Wallenda’s proposed walk.

• June 22, 2011:

The Wallenda bill passes the Assembly, sending it to the governor for his signature.

• Aug. 3, 2011:

Nik Wallenda meets with Niagara Falls city and New York State Park officials to discuss details of his proposed stunt. At a press conference following the meeting, Wallenda states that he remains committed to the event despite public opposition, notably from the Niagara Parks Commission in Ontario. 

• Sept. 23, 2011:

The bill allowing Wallenda to walk over Niagara Falls is signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

• Oct. 20, 2011:

Wallenda meets with Canadian officials to discuss the proposed stunt.

• Dec. 7, 2011:

In a closed-door meeting, the Niagara Parks Commission (Canada) denies Wallenda’s request to allow him to walk over the Falls and into Ontario. Wallenda says he isn’t giving up.

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