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January 27, 2010

TOWN OF TONAWANDA: Two-year Parker-Fries water project to be the first of many


Under orders from the EPA and DEC, the town has worked out a plan to eliminate the 94 SSOs in its sewer system. In the process, leaders have set an ambitious goal of replacing all of the town’s sewer lines in the process.

But instead of replacing the existing line, which would require shutting off service as crews work and digging up people’s yards and curbs, Maving said the town is creating an entirely new system that will run down the middle of the street. In a presentation to the town board Monday afternoon, Maving used photos of the dilapidated water lines leading to the Parker-Fries pumping station to make his case.

“Clearly there are areas where the crowning is missing and we’re showing rebar,” he said.

The project is almost through the engineering stage. Spring construction will begin on Parker near the pumping station, just north of the I-290. Crews will proceed down Parker, then southeast along Eggert Road and south on Fries Road before wrapping up just south of Sheridan Drive. That course is expected to take two years.

This first phase, at a cost of $24 million, is part of a larger project to address water and sewer problems for a substantial portion of the town’s east side. All four phases are expected to take seven years.

While Maving said much of the work will be done by tunneling rather than digging, he admitted there will be times when residents will be inconvenienced by the work. To minimize that impact, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates — the firm handling the project — is expected to launch a public relations campaign to distribute information to affected residents.

Stephen Waldvogel, a project manager for CRA, said public meetings will be scheduled as soon as the construction timeline is finalized. Parker Boulevard residents will be invited to the meetings, and Waldvogel said prior to construction in specific areas company representatives will be sent door to door to leave door hangers with times for construction and contact information for those with questions.

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