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September 12, 2012

Complaint leads to sewer study


Tonawanda News —

Martin said he agreed that it may be the most equitable system but thinks residents should be able to choose to have another meter. He questioned Maving’s experience and became frustrated with the board’s unwillingness to change the policy at the meeting.

“But you do water Kenney Field, and that’s unmetered,” Martin said. “How is that fair?”

The town’s afternoon work session also included a number of discussion items, such as Highway Superintendent Bill Swanson’s request to purchase three new highway vehicles, which led to a somewhat contentious discussion of budget constraints.

“They are just tired,” Swanson said. “They are used every day.”

Swanson said the large tandem-axle cab and chassis are used for a variety of purposes and are needed to complete projects and maintenace work in the town. Some $480,000 would be taken from the Highway Equipment Capital Reserve Fund to purchase the trucks. 

Emminger questioned Swanson on the necessity of new trucks with such a tight budget. The old ones have 140,000, 161,000, and 193,000 miles on them. 

“The one has 53,000 miles less than the other,” Emminger said. “Ideally, we would replace all of them, but can’t we stretch that out and save some money.”

But Swanson and Councilman Don Crangle assured Emminger that the replacements are needed. 

“I am pinching every penny, I’ve done everything I can,” Swanson asid. “But I need equipment, otherwise I can’t do the jobs. It’s a safety issue, too.” 

Although Emminger seemed reluctant, he presented the request as necessary later in the town’s regular meeting Tuesday evening. The board then approved the purchases. 

Also on the agenda was the board’s discussion of the possibility of an army tank display at Kenney Field.

“The Army contacted the Veteran’s Post and offered to give them an old tank,” Town Attorney John Flynn said. 

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